WL&R: Dharti kahe pukaar ke

These songs say it all for themselves. Just watch, listen and read :)

The song this time is Dharti kahe pukaar ke from Bimal Roy‘s movie Do Bigha Zamin  (1953) with lyrics by Shailendra, and music by Salil Chowdhury. The movie features Balraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy, and deals with the themes of famine, value of land for farmers, migration for work, the burden of debt, and even catastrophic health expenditure! To think this was created in the 1950s in India! This film won many awards in the 1st filmfare and national film awards, and received international acclaim as well.

Movie poster (courtesy:IMDb)


Find a copy and watch this movie asap. Balraj Sahni at his best.


A Manna Dey and Lata rendition. Listen to this song on gaana.com


(Courtesy: yours truly. Find the hindi version here )

bhaai re
ganga aur jamuna ki geharee hai dhaar
aage yaa peechhe sabko jaana hai paar

dharti kahe pukarake, beej bichhale pyaar ke
mausam beeta jaaye, mausam beeta jaaye
apni kahaani chhod ja, kuch to nishani chhod ja
kaun kahe is or, tu phir aay na aaye
mausam beeta jaaye, mausam beeta jaaye

teri raah mein kaliyon ne naina bichhaye
daali-daali koyal kaali tere geet gaaye
apni kahani chhod ja, kuchh to nishani chhod ja
kaun kahe is or, tu phir aaye na aaye
mausam beeta jaaye, mausam beetaa jaaye

o bhaai re
neela ambar muskaye, har saans tarane gaaye, hay tera dil kyun murjhaye
o man ki bansi pe tu bhi koi dhun baja le bhaai, tu bhi muskura le
apni kahani chhod ja, kuchh to nishani chhod ja
kaun kahe is or, tu phir aaye na aaye
mausam beeta jaaye, mausam beetaa jaaye

Read more about the movie and its soundtrack at MrandMrs55dustedoff, arthousecinema and upperstall.


Panchhi: Papiha & romance in Hindi films

Been looking around for songs to do with environment or nature or featuring animals or birds in them and came across fewer songs than I expected. Birds and animals do feature in many songs but are seldom the centre of a song or its visualisation. Animals and birds in Hindi films usually behave like friends to the film actors – saving a hero from burning building, bringing the police to the tied-up women, giving advice to the heroine’s confusion on love, playing messenger between the ‘love birds’ 🙂 Well apart from this drama, they gave us some unforgettable songs.

The Panchhi series is an excuse for some filmi bird-watching!

The first in the series is the Papiha: Apparently the hawk cuckoo charmed the heroines more than other birds. Wikipedia says papeeha is the common-hawk cuckoo and that its call can be interpreted as pee-kahaan (piya kahaan or where is my loved one).

Common Hawk Cuckoo (photo by Chesano from Wikimedia Commons)

It has been a film favourite since the Indian independence! Film heroines have been singing about this bird and what it says and how it behaves (quite fictional though).

  • Papi papiha re ( Parwana 1947) featuring a young Suraiya and sung by her. The movie also featured KL Saigal with music by Khurshad Anwar.
  • Door papiha bola (Gajre 1948) by Suraiya (couldn’t find the original video)
  • Sakhi re sun bole papiha (Miss Mary 1957) by Asha & Lata with music by Hemant Kumar. Meena Kumari is featured in the song but this movie also starred Gemini Ganesan & Kishore Kumar . Inspired to see this comedy with this odd line-up.
  • Suno sajna papihe ne (Aaye din bahhar ke 1966) a popular song sung by Lata & featuring Asha Parekh. This song is based on Raag Bilawaal apparently.
  • Bole re papihara (Guddi 1971) My all-time favourite is from the movie Guddi featuring Jaya Bhaduri sung by Vani Jairam.

Next, some mor?

WL&R: chal ri sajni…

These songs say it all for themselves. Just watch, listen and read :)

The song this week is Chal ri sajni ab kya soche.. from the movie Bombai ka babu (1960) with lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and music by SD Burman, and a complicated plot starring Dev Anand and Suchitra Sen. The only song in the movie sung by Mukesh, this song  comes towards the end of the movie and captures the bidaai of Suchitra Sen from her home.

Bombai ka babu poster from Pinterest



SD Burman’s music at its best. Listen at gaana.com


(Courtesy: yours truly. For hindi script, click here)

chal ri sajni, ab kya soche
kajra na beh jaaye rote rote

baabul pachhtaye haathon ko mal ke
kaahe diya pardes tukde ko dil ke
aansoon liye soch raha door khada re

mamta ka aanchal, gudiyon ka kangna
choti badi sakhiyan, ghar gali angna
choot gaya, choot gaya, choot gaya re

dulhan banake gori khadi hai
koi nahin apna kaisi ghadi hai
koi yahan, koi wahan, koi kahan re
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